February 2011


Metusalem XV RC Sant Cugat

17. Februar 2011

The veterans team of Club de Rugby Sant Cugat, called XV Matusalem was constituted in 2009, and since that time it has played several friendly matches with local and foreign teams .

It is a group of people with an interest in rugby as a lifestyle and as such, to think more on what we can still do, not what we have done and what perhaps can no longer do.

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Battai Bulldogok - The Rugby Team

07. Februar 2011

The club was established in 1989, in Százhalombatta. It was a crazy idea of the group first class sportsmen who wanted to play this unusual game. At that time there were only several teams playing in a national championships, the tradition of rugby in Hungary  was at its first steps.

It wasn"™t easy to find a place, to join an existing club, to search potential players . .

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