Greeks rugby lost
the worthy Man . . .


Greeks rugby lost the worthy Man . . .

Edward Cypiot

Ted  - Edward Cypiot  took in charge from early 90's the oldest rugby team in Greece  -  Spartans RFC  ( founded in 1982 ).

Players from Spartans RFC  with the support and Ted´s enthusiasm  have created, the next two teams in Athens  -  Attica Springboks RC and Athens RFC.  After each split, Ted always managed to rebuilt the Spartans team with new young players. 

He was also very active to make Greek rugby known abroad organizing tours  also for the Veterans and bringing foreign teams in Athens. As the first ever Veteran team from Greece Ted "brought his Spartans" to European Golden Oldies Festival in 1992 in Heidelberg.

We lost one of our great Sport ambassadors.I had the opportunity to play many times with him as senior and then as  the  veteran and it was always in good spirit.  We  also  were closely working together to support  and to develop  the veteran
activities in Greece . . . 

Ted was EVRA Representtive for this "small rugby nation" since 2012 . . .

Rugby in Greece owes him a lot.  

May he rest in peace.

Henry-Marc Sparacello         EVRA Executive Board 
Attica Springboks RC           Marko Protega, Secretary

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