of Friendship


Starcevo Days of Friendship

Under more than "summer conditions" the 8th Veteran Rugby Tournament "Dani druzenja u Starcevu" took place in this small town near Pancevo (Serbia).

The temperature of + 43 ° C was not the obstacle that the veterans from RK Partizan, RK Balkanski Komarac, GRK Vrsac, RK Borac (all Serbia) and RK Ragbi Vukovi Zenice (Bosnia & Hercegovina) enjoyed meeting again at this traditional veteran rugby event as the part of EVRA European Series.

To "warm up" the vets had been watching  a "pre-game" match between two female teams RK "Borac" (Starcevo) vs. RK "Rad" (Belgrade) . . .

The Third Halftime, with "tamburice music", plenty of home made food and domestic beer, ended late in the night . . .

Marko Sekulovic, responsible for Starcevo PR, sent the photos for EVRA WebNews . . . take a look and imagine the atmosphere under the temperature of + 43° C.

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