Sixth Torneo Rugby Old
in Punta Marina Terme...


Sixth Torneo Rugby Old in Punta Marina Terme . . .

One more time I Passatelli Rugby Old (Ravenna) succeeded to organize a big Tournament "Summer Festival" , as the part of EVRA European Series, with the participation of eight teams - I Veci di Rovigo, Modena Rugby Veterans, Treviso Old Ruggers, Old Babbyons Settimo Milanese, Old Becks Reggio Emilia, Vecchia Romagna, Bad Panda Monza and as the hosts Veterans from Ravenna.

As the previous years “I Passatelli” assigned a scholarship to a player of the under 16 team, distinguished for the commitment and the good results both  "on - (Rugby) and off - (Study) the field".

The kick-off (15,00 Hrs) was on the first Saturday of June, each team played three games of 20 minutes.

The Rugby Old spirit  was highly respected . . . all the "parties" had the fun playing their favourite game and the Tournament finished without any "injuries".

In the evening the teams "moved" to the Baloo beach resort for the third halftime during which the president of I Passatelli awarded each of the teams and received himself EVRA EU Series plaque as the "small reminder" of again well organised Tournament.

Bernardo Gottardo (1947) lock of I Veci del Rugby, Rovigo was awarded with special EVRA plaque, as the Oldest Tournament Player.

The presentation had been made by Marco Ciuoffo (right at the photo with the Oldest Player Bernardo).

The party continued until late the late in the night ........ ended with the invitation for the 7th edition in "summer" 2019

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Marco Ciuoffo, I Passatelli


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