Dracula Rugby Veterans
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Dracula’s Rugby Veterans

The 2018 (2nd) Summer Festival of Dracula’s Rugby Veterans

Saturday, 19th of May, 2018, Dracula's Veterans (from Bucharest) organized, under the EVRA umbrella, the second international Romanian rugby festival for veterans, in the intention to establish a tradition which, we hope, will last a long time from now on.

Players of the 2018 Summer Festival of Dracula’s Rugby Veterans.

The participating teams, besides the hosts “Dracula’s Rugby Veterans”, were the French “Les Gros Elans” from Grenoble, “The Free Dacians” from Iasi and “The Friends of Rugby from Bcovina” from Suceava.

The tournament was held on the Parcul Copilului stadium, one of the Bucharest’s traditional rugby venues, home of the historical Grivita Club (former multiple Europe’s champion).

Mihai Vasilescu (74 years old) from Dracula was the older player on the field but some of the French veterans were not far behind.

All teams recognized the high level of Rugby skills of their matches’ partners.

The participants enjoyed also the local specific drinks, local specific food and local specific music that were important ingredients of the traditional “third half”. Of course the teams contributed a lot to the general cheerfulness singing each their preferred songs.

The guests from abroad declared themselves, at the end of the stay, as the other teams which visited Bucharest did, truly delighted. Not only because of the quality of the games they played, but also because of the beauty of the places and of the people they have encountered. They had the chance to visit some touristic objectives such as The Palace of the Parliament (2nd largest building in the world built by the communist dictator Ceausescu), The Thermes, restaurants with local specific, the neighborhood with nightlife, …

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