Laws of the
Veteran Game


LAW 20.   SCRUMMAGE (Still LAW 20 - Scrum)

As per IRB - U19 Laws - with the following variations:
-    All eight forwards must remain bound in the scrum until the ball has been cleared,
-    There must be no pressure scrummaging, or movement of the scrum,
-    There shall be no striking against the head,
-    The scrum half must not follow the ball around the scrum.

LAW 21.   RUCK (Now LAW 16)

As per IRB Laws of the Game, but again with "a sense of feeling" by the referee in respect to the age of the players involved.

LAW 22.   MAUL (Now LAW 17)

As per IRB Laws of the Game.


(Now LAW 19, options open to players not in line-out, of no significance for GO Rugby))

As per IRB Laws of the Game - with the following variations:
-    In lineouts all eight forwards must take part,
-    All lineouts shall be set (no quick "throw in"),
-    Lifting in lineout is not permitted