Thierri Marelli
Trophy 2018


Thierri Marelli Trophy 2018 went to Les Affranchis Veterans


Stade Marseille Universitaire Club is the tradional Sports association (founded in 1923) of City of Marseille - European Capital (Cultural in 2013 and Sports in 2017).SMUC has 26 different sports, among them Rugby Club (founded in 1927) with the Veteran Team called Bandar Log (founde in 1980).

Bandar Logs organize this traditional Trophy tournament since 2009 inviting the teams from Provence and Coté d´Azur.

Les Papakools de Fréjus (Saint Raphael) "won" the Trophy twice (2010 and 2017) and  once the Tournament had been "won" by Les Rosés de L ´Ovale des Brignoies (2009), Lei Rougatoun Manosque (2011), Rouges Bleus de Marseille (2013), Les Arlequins d ´ Aucmaville, Toulouse (2014), Les Poulaous les Angles (2015) and Les Farios L ´Isle sur La Sorgue (2016).

2017 Bandar Log SMUC (see photo) "won" EVRA Annual Award  organising their Tournament as the part of Marseille celebrities, being the European Sports Capital that year . . .

The Award presentation had been made on the occassion of the 9th Trophy Tournament, held last month on the occassion of Six Nations match France vs. Italy.

The Club President Michael - Mika El Poto and the Team Manager Frédéric Dubessy

(see photos) received the special made plaque from the hands of EVRA Secretary Marko Protega.

2018 Event attracted the veterans from Papakools (Saint- Raphael) who produce their own wine for Rugby friends (see photo), Hakacopter (Marignane), Poulous (Les Angles), Argus (Saint-Tropez), Rascasses (Aubgane), Rougets Bleus and Les Affranchis (both Marseille) . . . Les Affranchis (see photos), "won" the Trophy by the decision of the Organising Committee, being the Team that played at most with "Fair Play and the approach to Veteran rugby".

Big wooden Trophy-plaque (see photo) had been presented to the President Fabrice Turc and the Secretary Philippe Giovannetti.

The MVP (most valuable player) went to Jean-Marc Messina, Nr. 8 from Bandar Log and the "Cagoulin Prize" (player that tried to make everthing "wrong" during the games) got  Lionel Laugier, Bandar Log Captain and the President of E B R A - European Beach Rugby Association (seat in Marseille, www.beach-rugby.com).

The Oldest Tournament Player  Eugéne - Corse Antoniotti (72)  had been awarded with EVRA LB Series plaque.

The Tournament "ended" enthusiastically (as usual) with the  excellent "Third Halftime" in the Club restaurant - everybody enjoyed it in spite of the stady  rainy  day, unusual for this Mediterranean City . . .

The 10th jubelee Tournament will be the same time in 2019 and again as the part of E V R A European Series - the chain of Veteran tournaments that awakes each year more and more interest - either to organize the "tournament of their own" or to take part at one of the current events in more than 20 European countries.

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