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Romanian and French Veterans in Istanbul

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Onur Baykal, Istanbul Ottomans Press officer wrote to us:

Bosphorus Veterans Rugby Tournament was held in Bozhane last weekend. Rugby Dracula Oldboys (Romania) and Rugby Club Du Barreau de Lyon (France) participated with our Veterans at this Tournament that was the part of EVRA 2013 European series.

The weather was great for rugby and even “ugly” Istanbul traffic could not diminish high spirits of the players. Bozhane village had shown the great hospitality towards the teams and the games attracted a good number of spectators too.

All the games were very competitive, great Tackling and Rucking from all sides. Dracula vs Lyon game was “the best game of rugby” that we have been seen for a while in this city. This was the second time that we hosted Draculas and once more they have shown us what the basic rugby actually is!. It was great to hear from 70 years old veteran captain of Dracula that we have improved since they were here last year!

We hope to organize this tournament each September in the future as Bozhane field and all the conditions allowed us to have this wonderful day of rugby this year. It definitely “caused” the growth of the “enthusiasm” to play veteran rugby in Istanbul!
Third half was as joyful as always. But unfortunately we lost momentum after the first round of song exchanges. “Lyonnese boys” one more time proved to all of us “what it means to be on tour” with their spirit and fun. Both of the teams have invited us for 2014.

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