Pesaro (founded in 184 BC by the Romans, as Pisaurum), the second biggest town on the Adriatic Coast, hosted with great enthusiasm the first ever "Winter Rugby Tournament".

Town´s Old Rugby Club, with the great support of the Women´s Club House who worked hard for hours to keep the Veterans "warm", succeeded in organising the Event that showed that the "spirit of those who have been chosen by this sport"  does not change over the years.

It did not matter how many times they met each other, the only "thing" that matters is to enjoy each Game that finishes with our specific "greeting after each match". Although most of us were not "young-looking" from outside, the young-feeling in the bottom of our hearts was only what counted . . . we are still "going strong"
Pesaro Veterans would like to take this opportunity to thank the players, the referees, the medical staff, their ladies, Sauro and EVRA for the support, help and advices in our first attempt to take actively part in the Licor Beirao European Veteran Rugby Series.
Tony De  Grandis
Old Rugby Pesaro

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