My  special thanks went to those friends  that the Virgils always can count on :  the fantastic MaGnocche Roberta, Milva and Claudia ,  the friends Alberto and Massimo, as well as for  the  generous support of Taverna del Duca, Ortopedia Guadagni, Try Bar, Hamburgeria Pizzeria al Mangiadischi, Andrea Moretti Showroom, Gemma di Lorenzo Fontanesi, Panificio Ennio Truzzi, Al Laghet da Tessadri and Montaldi Food tires.  

For the Virgil Senators  went on  the field  -  the  Senators Paolo Balotta, Alessandro Gobbi, Valentini Giuiano, Gianluca Biagi, Roberto Cighetti, Corrado Giarratana, Mantuan Roberto Cividini, Giorgio Bertolini, Andrea Zaccagni ,   with the quest players -  the fantastic boys of Pesaro Marco Zaffini, Golub Elvir , Nisvet Hodzic, Vladimir Jelic as well with the vets of  Quei de Viorba  Bernardo Pablo, Sandro Zaniol, Giuliano Trevisan and Renato Za.  

The Third Halftime with the "live music" and Mantova food specialities, "interrupted" by the presentations and the exchange of club souvenirs, ended late in the night . . .

Unforgettable and touching  was the moment of  geat thanks when everyone stood up to applaud Battista  who felt in that moment the "support of  Rugby "  - real and genuine one .  

I would like to thank also on this way to everyone for helping us to  Help !!!!! 

Alessandro Gobbi, Il Presidente

Senatori Virgiliani Old Rugby Club 

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