12th "Salamella Trophy" Rugby Old     

There are many aphorisms, quotes and publications that the literature of the rugby world has produced and for this reason it is  to be hoped not to fall into the rhetoric,  when writing this report about Rugby  as  the  sport of  friendship, union and solidarity  . . .  so much  intensity of these values and emotions  were present during the 12th "Salamella Trophy"  Rugby  -  Old Celebrationem XX BB held  on  Saturday, March 24 on the fields of Migliaretto, organized by the A.D. Virgiliani Senators Old Rugby Club.  

 It was October 20 years ago when Battista Berra, in  one  scrum  like many others, suffered the neck - injury that  " forced " him to the wheelchair  . . . 

 The same indomitable player had  never stopped fighting ,  he strongly wanted to celebrate his goals -  he was constantly  supported by  the  fantastic and strong team ,  his wonderful family and  by  many friends  of  the Virgiliani Old Rugby Club Senators .   

Battista  as  the  Club Vice President   invited also many other  rugby friends  who did not want to miss this unique  celebration.  

 The 12th "Salamella Trophy" Rugby Old, CELEBRATIONEM XX BB, has proudly welcomed the precious patronage of the Municipality of Mantova ,  that  has always supported the initiatives and proposals of the Virgil Senators, but also the CSI of Mantova  and EVRA  -  European Veterans Rugby Association ,  presented    by the Vice-President  Elio De Anna  (Cordenons) , an unforgettable  "Azzuri"  player  of 1980s  and the Secretary Marko Protega (Heidelberg) .  

Old Rugby players of  Modena Rugby Veterans,  Gnari de Bresa,  The XV of the Colleoni Bergamo, TOR Trentino Old Rugby,  selection of  Old Becks Reggio Emilia, CinghialOld Como and Old Rugby Pagnacco  enjoyed playing their favourite Game on the sunny Italian afternoon . . .  "supported" by the excellent team of Old Rugby referees