Flanders Open
Rugby Tournament


Dendermonde Rugby Club (Belgium)

All the games are played on six pitches and the referees are flown in from England . . .

23rd Edition on May 13th - 15th 2016, led from the very start 23 years ago by tireless  Gert van den Steen, had 94 teams from Europe and "the rest of World" what only confirms that amateur rugby still have important place in the " today´s World of  professional sport"  - www.flandersopenrugby.com

Dendermonde Tournament was the most international and the biggest Licor Beirao European Series event in 2015, therefore the decision had been made to present EVRA 2015 Award  to the Organisers

Former Award holders were Il Coyotes/Cernusco Old Rugby (Italy) in 2012 and Les Independants du BRC/Beuvais (France) in 2014.

Our photos show Gert van den Steen  receiving the Award, in the name of Dendermomde Rugby Club, during 2016 Flanders Open Rugby International Tournament . . . as well as their Veterans team . . . and the "future old rugby players" 

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