South Italy Old Rugby activities are following one after another . . . in May Tournament in Catania, last month Memorial Tournament in Ragusa and a week ago the 1st Old Rugby Tournament in Milazzo.
Ragusa Tournament, as the part of Licor Beirao European Series, gathered this year under the leadership of Antonio Buscemi almost all South Italy Old Rugby teams:

CUS Catania with Prof. Nino Puleo, Old Rugby Enna with Enrico Diventi, Old Rugby Messina and Cosenza led by Maurizio Rodighiero and finaly Union Team - a selection of veterans from Puglia with Gaspare Cirenza.
"African sunshine“ did not bother at all none of the players to enjoy this traditional Tournament with its games and with the exceptional "third halftime“.
CUS Catania was awarded with "Golden Palm“ as the Team of the day . . .
The organisers of the sixth edition are already looking for some teams from abroad to "test“ the veterans of South Italy.

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