Metusalem XV
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Metusalem XV RC Sant Cugat

The veterans team of Club de Rugby Sant Cugat, called XV Matusalem was constituted in 2009, and since that time it has played several friendly matches with local and foreign teams.

It is a group of people with an interest in rugby as a lifestyle and as such, to think more on what we can still do, not what we have done and what perhaps can no longer do.

The average age (± SD) is 51.3 ± 5.5 years. This group is constituted , half to half, by old and new rugby players.

We appreciate that sport is a very important activity for maintaining physical and mental health, in this way, we considerer that a veterans team in a Club, it"™s something more than sport, is increase the social characteristics and human value of the Club. We agree that the age limit many things, but often we cantry to follow the sentence " We don"™t stop to play rugby due to we are old, we are old because we are not playing rugby“.

We train in the field of Guinardera (Sant Cugat del Vallés), every Wednesday from 19:30 to 21:00 and at least one Saturday a month we are playing a rugby match, with ... third time, of course.

If you visit our village, it will be a pleasure for us to meet you, and play altogether. We are waiting you. You cant contact with us writing or calling to Robert Savé (savearanyo@telefonica.net), 0034606103686

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