The Golden Prague was the right place where RC Celik (Zenica, Bosnia & Hercegovina) "Golden oldies" - Veteran players met to decide about founding a veteran club "The Wolves of Zenica" (Ragbi Vukovi Zenice).

Under the "chairmen" Prof. Suad Kapetanovic (Prague) and Dr. Bosko Kukolj (Zenica), both founders of this first  rugby club in Zenica in 1972, the veterans came from "all European corners" - from England (Muris Uzunovic), Finland (Zlatko Milinkovic), Germany (Dusan Cadjo), Montenegro (Jovan Vuksanovic), Norway (Stanko Ljesic), Sweden (Dragomir Puric) and from Africa (Nigeria) Sreto Cadjo.

The veterans from France, still active in diffrent parts of this country,  apoligies themselves for this time . . .

Some of the players met again after more than 25 years . . . but this fact did not raise any doubt of the necessity to form this veteran club that will join, as EVRA member, European veteran rugby activities to promote Friendship & Fraternity & Fun - main motto of Golden Oldies - Veteran Rugby.

EVRA itself as the European Veteran Rugby Association will support their aims - this was the "promise" of EVRA Secretary Marko Protega, who attended the "Prague Meeting" as the part of the visit to Czech Republic, whose International Veterans and Moravian Eagles are going to attend European Festival in Farnham (England), at the start of Rugby World Cup in September 2015.

More details about the "Wolves" at www.ragbi-vukovi-zenice-80.com