Oldies Frühling


Heidelberg Oldies Frühling – The Step towards tradition

The 3rd Heidelberg Oldies Frühling had been organized by Heidelberger Ruderklub 1872 e.V. led by Uwe Treiber and Andy Bieringer.

Veterans from Stuttgart, Rottweil, Pforzheim, Basel (Switzerland), Mannheim, Obertshausen, Frankfurt and of course Heidelberg came together on a sunny May saturday afternoon „to prove their fitness“ before European Festivals in Esztergom and Prague...

Three “Halfs” of 20 minutes each whistled by the young referee Biskupek, as well as the long “third halftime” in HRK 1872 e.V. “Veterans Lounge” proved once again the dedication to our favourite game.

The further step towards the tradition had been made... hopefully the two “missing veteran clubs” from Heidelberg (RGH and HTV) will join the others in 2014.

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