5° Torneo Internacional Solidario in Santander

Excellent rugby weekend for veterans in Santander (Spain) . . . hosted by Veteranos Rugby Cantabria, EVRA members since this year. Under the magnificent organization of Old Blackbeers  known as "Las Vacas", because of their game outfit, eleven teams from all over Spain and one Argentina team came to Santander, all to enjoy an extraordinary old rugby tournament, as the part of European Veteran Rugby Series.

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TORNEO RUGBY OLD - 4th Memorial Day of Udine

Saturday 29/09/2018 the 4th Memorial Day tournament took place in Udine, with the participation of  Urogalli and Pagnaco Rugby Old, both Udine teams, the Pasian Hungry Bears of Prato, I Kankari Rugby Old of Venice Lido.

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Santiago de Chile Veterans on Europe Tour

With EVRA organisational support the Veterans - Burros RC from Santiago de Chile, Club Deportivo de la Universidad de Chile (founded in 1919), toured Italy last month.

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Join European Veteran Rugby Festival - Belluno 2019

Join 5th EVRA European Festival with your Team, as the Group of players, or even as the Individual . . . take a look at the Registration Form.

More detailed information at  Opens external link in new windowwww.evra2019.belluno.it

Belluno Local Organising Committee (photo) is preparing unforgetable European Festival  . . . once again.

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