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Since 2011 the EVRA initiative to form "European series" of veteran tournaments / mini festivals, as the regular Veteran rugby events, is bringing more and more clubs/teams to this chain of Veteran rugby tournaments - known as Licor Beirao European Series.

In 2017 with 50 tournaments "Europewide", was especially significant as two traditional veteran events from France joined the European Series - Challenge Eric MacLeod Milroy, International Commemorative Tournament in Amiens, the 7th MARELLI VETS TOURNAMENT in Marseille - European Sports Capital 2017, as well as the 1st Summer Festival of Dracula Rugby Veterans in Bucharest (Romania).

At the very begining as EVRA Series had been introduced, with the great support of José Redondo (Licor Beirao) from Lousa (Portugal), two regular prizes were established:

for the Organisers - EVRA special made plaque,
and the one for the Oldest Tournament player.

The oldest player in 2017 (according to the reports to reach EVRA) that took part at one of EU Series tournaments was the President of Dracula Rugby Veterans - 74 years old Michail Vasilescu - who played at the Summer Festival in Bucharest (Rommania)

Apart from these signs of recognition, EVRA Executive Board and Licor Beirao established EVRA Annual Award, presented to the Club/Team that had organised the "most international" European Series Event . . . that contributed to the further development of Veteran sports - Rugby in Europe.

The past winners were . . .

2012 Milano Rugby Festival, Cernusco Rugby Old (Italy)
2013 Esztergomi Vitezeki RFC, Esztergom (Hungary)
2014 Les Independants du BRC, Beauvais (France)
2015 Flanders Open Rugby International Rugby Festival, Dendermonde (Belgium)
2016 I Senatori Virgiliani Old Rugby Club, Mantova (Italy)
2017 Bandar Log Marseille (SMUC), Marseille (France)

After very international, enjyoable, friendly and successful European Festival in September 2017 in Siedlce (Poland) we excpect some "newcomers" to join European activities, from Slovakia, Spain and especially from the Baltic countries, whose Selection under the name of Baltic Old Boys took part, for the first time ever at one European Veteran Rugby Festival.

Getting two more Partners, Sports Travel Agencies, ComeOn Sport, Marcoussis (Paris), France, SPORT TOUR SL Valencia (Spain) and with the "old ones" (Rugby Club Italia, Sun Dreams Travel (Malta) we are sure to be able to increase the interest for Veteran Rugby in Europe and country members, especiailly in so called "small rugby nations" . . .

We welcome to the European Series 2018 also your Club/Team that intend to organise a Veteran Rugby Tournament under the World & European motto . .

Fun & Friendship & Fraternity . . .

Marko Protega, Secretary

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