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June 18th 1910 the group of students and sports journalists founded the first "Italian Rugby Society" - Rugby Club Torino . . . and 106 years after, on June 10th 2016 the first ever Rugby Festival,as the part of EVRA European Series, had been organised in this City of Piemonte Region.

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Beauvais Tournoi International de Rugby Vétérans

EVRA European Series Event 
Year per year Les Indenpendants du B R C are organising their Jean-Paul Cheron Challenge Tournament.

11th edition in 2016 "brought" two new team from the regions Épinol and Béarn and one very special "winner" - Romanians composed of the Old professional and Old international players.

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Avezzano (Region of Abruzzo), situated at the foot of Mount Velino, has its rugby club since 1977, that is nowadays competeing in the Serie B of Italian Championships.

In 2005 the veterans founded Old Rugby Club that is active  EVRA member since 2010. 

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