Oldies Festival



Heidelberg is known as the stronghold of German Rugby, the Game is playing here since 1846!

From six clubs, three of them are competing in German 1st Division and four of them have active veteran teams.

In the 90´s Heidelberg have had the tradition of organising once a year veteran tournament, in 1994 even one European Festival, but this ended about ten years after.

Rugby Union Baden - Wuerttemberg and EVRA started this tradition again last year when the 1st Heidelberger Oldies Frühling took place, this year the second one was well organised by Sportclub Neuenheim ´ 02 e.V. Veteran players from Hannover (Germania List), Frankfurt (Frankfurter Bembels), Pforzheim (RC Pforzheim), Heidelberg (TSV Oldies, HRK Oldies, SCN Oldies) and one Selection of Veterans from RU Baden - Wuerttemberg played the games on the sunny, but not too hot weekend in May.

Welcomed at the "third halftime“ by the Tournament organiser Peter Nostadt all veteran enjoyed this spring evening "refreshing“ the memories of the past active playing days . . .

The captains of all participating teams and their clubs were "awarded“ with EVRA Licor Beirao European Series rugby souvenirs.

The oldest player of the Tournament was Roy Francis (HRK Oldies) with 65 years.
The "next step“ to the tradition will be made in Spring 2013 when Heidelberger Ruderklub 1872 e.V. Rugby Oldies will get the offer to organize the 3rd Heidelberg Oldies Frühling.