From "Ausie Rules" to Rugby Football . . .

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Rugby Festival in Fontanafredda, as regular part of EVRA European Series, was again a demonstration of the different games with the oval ball - from Australian Football, Touch Rugby, Rugby Football to Wheelchair Rugby. Among more than 400 participants one quarter were the veteran rugby players from very different countries.

Once again EVRA Selection took part composed of players from Croatia, France, Germany, Hungary, Serbia, Slovenia and Italy. EVRA Veterans and old rugby teams from Brescia, Collefferro, Rome, Padova, Oderzo, Portogruaro, Trieste, in spite of 36° C temperature, enjoyed the games played at new Stadio Comunale "Omero Tognon“.

Claudio Da Ponte, Federica Ivanisevich and their enthusiastic team organized once again very successful and interesting rugby happening that is in the meantime a traditional event in the small town of Fontanafredda.

EVRA Vice-President Dr Elio De Anna and the Secretary Marko Protega took part in the organisation, as well as at the Festival award ceremony.

Corrado Matoccia, Red & Blu Old Rugby manager, in the same time curator of Il Museo del Rugby in Collefferro/Rome, was surprised also this year with worthy presents from veterans . . . Dusan Novakov (RC Dinamo, Serbia), Thierry Dias (Les Farios, France), Michael Verclas (HTV Rugby, Germany) and Simone Meneghello (Poderosa Old Rugby, Italy) donated their rugby jerseys for the rich Museums collection.

Festival ended on Sunday with Country Dances contest organised for the public, participants and the whole staff.

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