Rugby solidarity...

A month ago several strong earthquakes hitted the town of Sisak and the Region of Banija (Croatia). Among the victims was also local rugby club "Sisak", amatuer sports club (founded in 1970) with the long tradition of the engagement, especially with children &youngster.

The "reaction" of Rugby comunity was quick and efficient - not only from Croatia (National Rugby Union with affiliated clubs in Zagreb, Split, Makarska, Rijeka, Island Brac, Sinj) . . . but also the Individuals and rugby clubs  from Austria, Bosnia & Hercegovina, Germany (Claus-Peter Bach/Heidelberg, Die Alte Preüßen/Berlin, Marko Protega/Heidelberg), Greece, Italy (Elio De Anna/Cordenons, Visentin Angelo/Old Rugby Rovigo, Sergio Bracci/Urogalli Rugby Old Udine, Sergio Caggia/Verona), Hungary, Netherlands, Portugal (José Redondo/Lousa, Jorge De Héredia/Cascais), Serbia (Aleksandra Sekularac-Milutinovic/Ragbi Klub "Zmajevi", beneficial match RK "Borac" in Starcevo), Spain and Turkey acted promptly . . . with needed goods, money donations RC "Sisak" with its members & families, friends started  immediately  to help also the small  towns& villages  around Sisak (Petrinja, Glina, Kostajnica,Dubci, Dvor, Topusko).

During this first month of need, they drew more that 5.000 km, dispatching 20 tons of different goods needed . . . working-repairing where it was necessary to minimize very different damages. Local sponsors - donators had contributed appropriately . . . thank you

One sample can illustrate the re-action of Rugby solidarity - Veterans from Berlin (Germany) "Die Alte Preußen", member of European Veteran Rugby Association, presented the checque to RC "Sisak" (see Photo Gallery) . . .

The Club President Ohlerich Henning-Ole shows proudly the result of "veterans effort" . . . at the start of this wide Solidarity action. The Club Vice-President  Tihomir Zlogledja, the co-ordinatior of all works used also this opportunity to thank all rugby friends (new and the old ones) for the help . . . so needed after this catastrophy.

The Members of RC Sisak will continue to help so long it is necessary" are the words of rugbyman Tihomir . . .

Thanks from EVRA too,  to all the "people of good will" who acted in the "Covid-19 year" showing their readiness and generosity to help "those in need" . . . this is also Rugby. 

EVRA Press




For those European Veterans wanting to make a "World Tour" the best possibility is to visit South America an take part at -  Argentina Veterans World Rugby Festival in Buenos Aires/Mar del Plata (November 2021) (for all detailed information  take a look at our  Web - Events Calendar 2021). Apart from the national tournaments, EVRA is preparing European (International)

Veteran Rugby Festival for Autumn 2021 . . . Final information will be available at www.evrugbya.org -  NEWS

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic check with each of the Organisers the "National Corona situation" any  European Veteran Rugby Club (EVRA Member/Supporter) are welcome to join us with "their Rugby tournament" . . . this will be one more opportunity to encourage all those that are just waiting that the normal Life "comes" back again . . .

E V R A wish all our Rugby friends Happy & Healthy New Year . . .

Marko Protega, E V R A

Secretary & EU Series Co-ordinator




Not so long ago EVRA reached this encouraging message from our Polish rugby friends, well done . . .

Hello Marko , 
I am sorry for not speaking for so long, but the times we have, many things 
were difficult  . . .  

But I also have good news, we managed to organize the Polish Veterans Championships in Poznań, on October 3rd 2020 .  

Five teams finally managed to start.  

The rest who failed to come with their teams  came individually and joined  the other teams.  

We also hosted a few players from other countries, such as France(5) , Germany(4) , Serbia(2), they played with our teams. 

The formal issue :  the Polish Veterans Champion  2020 is Juwenia Kraków team, the second place was taken by Lechia Gdańsk 

and the third was the host of the Tournament - Rugby Old Boys Club Poznań (R.O.C. Poznań) 

The other teams  that participated were  VIS Siedlce and Orkan Sochaczew.


Pawel Borowski
Polish Rugby Veterans