Family Redondo


With a few years over twenty, and in between married, the young man  decided to invest his savings in buying the house and the secret, dedicating his life to the liqueur, which started being produced by his wife.

Since then sales never stopped increasing and the liqueur is now a days a big success.

José Redondo, the Main Sponsor of European Series, started palying rugby as young player at Academica de Coimbra in 1963.Ten years later, in 1973, José founded in his home town Lousa, where is the base for the family company Licor Beirao too, Rugyb Club Lousa with young boys aged between 10 and 14 years.

Years to follow these boys developed in a U16 and then U18 teams, when finally in 1981 Lousa had the first time ever a senior team. José was coaching all club levels  until 1986 and further 15 years he was the member of "Club Coaching Staff".

For his permanent engagement for rugby sport he was awarded with County´s Medal of Merit (in 1994 by Municipal Council of Town Lousa), with Trophy "The best of Sport" (in 1998 by the Newspaper "AS Beirao",with Medal of Sporting Merit (in 1999 by Portuguese Goverment, "Coach of the Year" he was nominated in 2001 by the Instituto de Juventade de Coimbra.

The last recognition came recently when Rugby Stadium in Lousa got his name. . .

José Redondo was o a number of occassions the member of the General Council of the Portuguese Rugby Federation.