Gold Medal for Claus-Peter Bach

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At the annual Congress in Paris at the beginning of this month Claus – Peter Bach (on the photo, left), Heidelberg, Germany was honoured with FIRA – AER golden “Medaille de Mérite” for loyal and long-serving devotee to European and German Rugby.

In an emotional exchange the gold medal has been given to him personally by FIRA – AER President Jean – Claude Baque. Claus – Peter Bach, former FIRA – AER Vice-President and the President of German Rugby Union, for long years the President of Rugby Union Baden – Württemberg (RBW) contributed to the development of not only competitive rugby, but also to the recognition and development of Veteran rugby.

RBW was, ten years ago, one of the first rugby unions to recognize Veteran rugby as the structural part of its organisation.

In 1994, two years later Germany – Heidelberg hosted European Festival, for the first time ever, under his leadership . . . today his town Heidelberg is the seat of European Veteran Rugby Association.