December ´14


Imola Old Rugby promoted EVRA and "Bebo Zanetti" Torneo  with editing the "Rugby Calendar 2015".

It is one of the (proper) ways to promote our Veteran sports - Rugby . . . thank you Imola. This Calendar (see photo) had been distributed to all the participants of 2014 Event in Italy.

Those interested also to get it please contact Dario Cicognani, Imola Old Rugby Club,  at dario.cicognani[aet]gmail.com

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In 2015 Rugby will be focusing on England.
The homeland of William Web Ellis, who started our Game in 1823, is organising again the Rugby World Cup, aiming that their team this time reaches at Twickenham the "top of the World".

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Rugby veterans of Beauvais, small historical town north of Paris with about 50.000 inhabitants, had organised themsleves as a Club in 1999.

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