Auterive 2018
Big Rugby celebration


A small Town with the big Rugby celebration . . .

The words of thanks of the Town Mayor René Azéma had been addressed to all,  followed with the Presentation of the awards, by the Club President Jean-Claude . . .

He emphasized at the begining of this ceremony -The main aim of this Tournament "Fun and Friendship"  had been  achieved, thanks to all of you . . .  one more time Rugby was the "winner". To remember  this nice day The Lougarous Committee  presented to each team "Wooden Rugby Ball Trophy", specially made for this occassion.

The referees had to "watch on" the Fair Play during  each of the games and have "given" certain number of  the points to each of the teams . . . 

So, at the end of the "competitions"  at most Fair-Play team was announced - this time it was Old Boys Hungary (Selected Team). Receivng the Trophy Team Manager Kovacs Attila thanked the Lougarous for the invitation and this precious award. 

This specific "Fair Play"  rule made it possible that all teams had an enjyoable and successful day.

The next award went to  the Oldest player, Mario Leonardi (74) from Italy (I Fossili Dolomitici Old Rugby Club, Belluno) who was really "touched" receving this prize . . . 

At the end of the "Awarding Ceremony" EVRA Secretary Marko Protega (Heidelberg) thanked the Lougarous for the invitation and the excellent organisation, as well as for the  promotion of Veteran Rugby, presenting special made EVRA European Series plaques to the Club President Jean Claude and  to the true rugby man, EVRA friend - Guy Quaranta, for long years as the successfull organiser of veteran tournaments in Beauvais and now in Auterive.

In the meantime The Lougarettes had secretly prepared  the second surprise to the audience of about 900 "spectators". They organized a show in the form of the very professional Banda, being accompanied  by the real Banda, performing with the enthusiasm "their show" . 

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