Auterive 2018
Big Rugby celebration


A small Town with the big Rugby celebration . . .

All this ended  with the  "Paquito"  uniting the Lougarettes, players, officials, spectators, parents with their children . . . everybody was "lucky" to be the part of this "Big event in the small Town".

The real  end of  the day - Farewell Dinner  took place in the big Tournament  tent. Regional meals and drinks (under the "Regiseur" Hervé Heimen) , "interrupted" with the Live-show animated by Muscled Shrimp,  followed of course, with the traditional rugby songs.

The last guests left the Tent  with the" sun rising" . . .

The Lougarous took the opportunity to  thank  the Town Auterive, its Technical Services, to the partners - sponsors (all together 53 !), all teams, the helpers, the referees, medical staff who made it all possible to realize this project having gathered more than 900 persons, who all wanted only one - to celebrate together with thier Rugby friends.

The evening finished with Guy ´s message - "All are invited to proceed with this beautiful experience next Spring in Auterive and in the Autumn in Belluno for the 5th EVRA European Veteran Rugby Festval . . . "


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