9th Memorial
"Bebo Zanetti" in Imola


9th Memorial "Bebo Zanetti" in Imola

The last Saturday in September the Veterans of IMOLA RUGBY CLUB organised their, already for the nineght time, Old Rugby Tournament . . .

Participating teams of Rimini Rugby Old, Cesena Rugby Old, I Passatelli Rugby Old (Ravenna), I Beerbanti (Ascoli), Old Rugby Pesaro "brought" with themselves the great enthusiasm and rugby friendship that contributed to the sucess, after all efforts the hosts - Imola Rugby Club - had made.

With the usual Third Halftime, spicy food and chosen drinks and entertaintments  ended this European Series Event with the desire of all to meet again and again . . . 

EVRA plaques 2017 had been presented to Imola Organisers  and to the Oldest Memorial Player - Dino Lauretani (67) of the team I Beerbanti from Ascoli. 

10th Memorial edition will take place next year, as the part of 40th Anniversary celebreties of Imola Rugby Club . . . your Team is kindly invited to share with usGolden Oldies Rugby motto  Fun & Friendship & Fraternity playing our favourite Game. 

More details you will be able to find at EVRA web - Events Calendar 2018 . . .  in one month time.

Cristina Casadei

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