Battai Bulldogok - The Rugby Team

The club was established in 1989, in Százhalombatta. It was a crazy idea of the group first class sportsmen who wanted to play this unusual game. At that time there were only several teams playing in a national championships, the tradition of rugby in Hungary  was at its first steps. It wasn"™t easy to find a place, to join an existing club, to search potential players . . .


In 1990, Bulldogs won the second league, and started to play in the 1st League with alternate fortune, the most of the years the team finished among the first three. We had to wait so long to win the first place and become Hungarian Champions . . .


Nowadays the Bulldogs are one of the biggest Hungarian clubs. We have professional coaches, breeding our players from ten years old to the senior age. Our rising generation is winning "their leagues“ in all ages, from year to year.

The first team competes regularly in CEE Rugby Cup, with Romanian, Czech, and Austrian teams, with moderate but developing success.


As the new generations are getting better and better, the founders had reached their 40"™s or even 50"™s years of age. It happens that we are now sometimes playing together, or against our children.


Those, who ever started to play this game know that Rugby is not just a kind of sports, it is the life style, the love . . .

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