José Vicente


The Catholic Priest, a Rugby player...

His name is José Vicente Altamirano, the missionary priest from Argentina belonging to the Institute of the Incarnate Word, living now in Ravenna (Italy) as the chaplain-priest of the Civil Hospital Holy Mother of the crosses.

He played in Concordia (Argentina) before to come in the Religious Seminary as 19 years old. From that point he never played any more during his missionary life (about 25 years), but he "remained" with Rugby coaching the boys how to play the Game in Kenya and in Argentina, always as the missionary priest, depending what destination he was sent to serve.

He “reached” the age of Veteran rugby player in Ravenna.
Upon his arrival in this European Cultural 2019 Capital candidate town end of 2013, he phoned the Ravenna Rugby Club President Marco Serafini asking him if he may come to “train and play” Rugby.

“A little bit astonished”, after the short pause, the President invited him to play with them - Ravenna Old Rugby team, named I Passatelli.(Photo 3)

His first game in Italy, shortly after he started to train, was a tournament in Florence.
Fr. Vincent (Don Vincenzo) came, “fully dressed” (Photo 1) with the sport bag over the shoulder, shaking hands, handing out the smiles to all… of course with "some modesty" at the beginning, but for him all were like his old friends…

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