5th Memorial "Poletti"


BAD PANDA RUGBY OLD - 5th Memorial "Poletti" in Monza . . .

As usual, a shiny day and a mild late summer sun blessed the V Memorial Poletti.

Also this year this traditional Tournament was the part of EVRA Licor Beirao European Series.
10 teams from 6 italian regions  have attended the tournament. To be honest, they  should have been 12, but two teams have arrived to Monza with too few playersand they have been welcome to reinforce other teams in a very friendly spirit.

As usual as well, the old boys gave the spectators a remarkable show. But how pleasant was the fairplay the teams showed - no sin bins or red cards, even to the usually more "fizzy" teams. For this reason, Chicken from Rozzano have been awarded with the EVRA prize because of their special fair play (trust me, who knows them understand how it has been special).

We know victory is not important, but we need a winner because this tournament has a tradition. After four matches, Orche from Recco (near Genua), beating Cinghialold Como at the very last minute, have been awarded for the second year of the prize, the painting by the Artist, Monza player and Architect Andrea Carvelli. The winners will come back next year and the prize will be put up for grabs again. David Berry (64) - vintage 1953, have been awarded with EVRA special plaque, the prize for the most "seasoned" player. Needless to say the third half gave everyone a lot of fun: good food, good beer and good vine, choirs and a final DJ set. Many thanks to everyone who participated and see you in October 2018, waiting for international sides.

Danilo Sartori   

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