Rugby Monza
4th Memorial Poletti


4th Memorial Poletti on the way to the tradition

A.S.D. Rugby Monza 1949 - Bad Panda Rugby

Great day of rugby at Monza . . . 

Twelwe teams came from 5 italian regions  and have had the great fun playing at a very good level.

According to the words of referee, the final match between Recco (Genua) and Oldtremella (Brescia) could be compared to an italian third league game . . . 

Recco Vets (Photo nr. 1) won the Memorial Final in the aftertime.
But all day long had been marked by good matches played in a real gentlemen spirit, with teams reinforcing the other teams in lack of players.Afterparty hasn't been less "rich", with beer provided by a local craft brewery, good local food and live music.  

"Thanks everyone for being here and for coming back the next year, when the Cencio (the painting by Andrea Carvelli, Bad Panda Monza player) will be raffled again by the winner,  making the tradition living . . ." were the words of  Danilo Sartori at the end of this pleasant day of Rugby . . . 

Photo nr. 2 shows the last year winners Modena Veterans captain handing the Cencio to Recco's Old Rugby captain - 2016 Winner

Photo Gallery by the courtesy of  Cristian Rossi

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