4th Memorial Day of Udine


TORNEO RUGBY OLD - 4th Memorial Day of Udine

Saturday 29/09/2018 the 4th Memorial Day tournament took place in Udine, with the participation of  Urogalli and Pagnaco Rugby Old, both Udine teams, the Pasian Hungry Bears of Prato, I Kankari Rugby Old of Venice Lido.

Thanks to the correctness of the Teams also this Rugby day in Udine were enjoyable and pleasant for all the participants . . .  the games had been  played with the respect to the rules of  Veteran Rugby.

During the presentation at the "Third Halftime" EVRA support was highlighted in the divulging of events at the European level . . . inviting everyone to join the Group. 

More photos & Info under http://it.facebook.com/urogalli

Sergio Bracci

Urogalli Rugby Old Udine.

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