L O C Esztergom
2013 ready to start


L O C Esztergom 2013 ready to start . . .

End of the last month Local Organising Committee of the European Festival in Hungary, headed by Neuzer András, Esztergom Vitezeki RFC President, has been constituted. All fields of the Festival activities have been covered with young, agile Club members ready to prepare successfully this first ever Event in Hungary.

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The special Festival promotion will be organised on October 5 - 6th together with then opening game of Rugby World Cup 2015 - Qualifications Europe,
Hungary vs. Bulgaria, on October 6th in Kecskemet.
Old Boys Hungary and F V G - EVRA Selected XV will play the veteran game as the pre-match of this first ever Hungarian participation in the RWC competition.
This will be not only the opportunity to draw more attention on veteran sports- rugby, but also to the EVRA European Festival to be held next June in Esztergom . . .

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