Polish Veterans
Festival in Siedlce


Polish Veterans on the way to European Festival in Siedlce

Rugby clubs that have veteran teams and "Polish Veteran Rugby Team" are warming up for September to meet with European veteran players from different countries.

The "first station" on that way is Krakow, where in June Polish Veteran Championships will take place . . .

Poland Veterans (photo 1) , year of foundation - 2011

Poland Veterans Team was established on the onset of year 2011, after polish clubs had joined European Veteran Rugby Association.

They made their debut on 27th August 2011, winning the 1st Sanssouci Cup tournament in Potsdam (Germany). Team members are former players of Poland rugby National team, as well as the players of league teams . . . and the sportsmen who have not played rugby before.

Participation at veteran.

Tournaments: Sanssouci Cup, Potsdam (Germany) 2011, Carpathian Autumn, Lviv (Ukraina) 2011, 2014, 2015, 2016, 55th anniversary of Lechia Gdańsk in 2011, Ukraine v Poland (2012), Old Boys Praha v Poland (2012, 2015), Honey Cup in Siedlce 2012 and 2014, European Festival EVRA 2013 Esztergom (Hungary) and 2015 Farnham (England), Lithuania v Poland (2014), Poland v Ukraine (2015, 2016), Havirov Turkey Tournament (Czech Republic) in 2016.

Apart from taking part at the 4th European Festival EVRA this September, Polish Vets are planning to play at Odessa Wave (Ukraina) in May.

Teams peculiarity - there is no one captain, on each occassion is the most experienced player selected tp lead the veterans . . .
Team manager, from the very begining is Jacek Wierzbicki, also member of the Local  Organising Commíttee of 4th EVRA EU Festival in Siedlce.